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Audi Offshore Newcastle Race – CYCA – March 24, 2010

This was a wonderful example of inter-club cooperation.  A large number of NCYC members volunteered their time, to perform various functions over the two days, four hours,34 minutes and fifty two seconds of the race. 

Aurora was on station from noon Friday doing the HF skeds and monitoring the radio.  Episode (the Thrifty boat) was likewise on station to take finish times with the first boat across the line just after 1pm on Saturday.  The tender from Far Niente was the ferry boat for food, changes in crew etc for the other two boats.  And then there was the team of Inner Circle Rum Runners who welcomed each boat into NCYC marina, and our galley slaves who looked after the vittles when yachts came in outside of meal hours. 

1 Wild Oats XI Finished     01:00:15:30   8.8           
  Mark Richards NSW    20 Mar, 12:15pm  
  Allegro Finished     02:04:34:52   4.1           
  John Taylor NSW    21 Mar, 4:34pm  

Five yachts did not finish the race.

Click HERE for results on the Audi Offshore Newcastle Race Official website