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Become a Member of NCYC


How do I become a member of NCYC?

Becoming a member of NCYC is easy. Simply complete the membership application form and hand it to NCYC’s main reception.  When reading the membership application form please consider carefully the type of membership that best suits your needs. When handing your application in at the Club or Administration Office you will need to pay your membership fee.

NCYC 2017 -2018 Membership Application Form

Following receipt of your membership application it will be reviewed by NCYC’s Board and placed on the Club Noticeboard for one month. As long as no objections to your membership are made which the Boards considers should prevent you from becoming a member of NCYC your application will be approved at the following Board meeting. The entire application process generally takes up to 2 months.

Click HERE for information on the NCYC Membership Application Process

What category of membership is right for me?

NCYC has three main categories of membership:

1. General Membership

General Membership of NCYC provides you with all membership privileges including the access to the marina, discounts on diesel and premium unleaded petrol, discounts over the bar, the ability to vote in NCYC annual general meetings and the ability to stand for election as a director of the Club (assuming other boat owning and membership timeframe requirements are met). General Members are very important to NCYC and make up the majority of members of the Club. Some Crew  Members will convert to General Membership following other forms of membership at the Club once they decide that NCYC is a Club they would like to have a closer and longer term affiliation with.

To sublease on a long term basis a berth on NCYC’s marina you are required to be a General Member of NCYC. You do not need to be a general member to occupy a berth on a casual or month to month basis at NCYC.

2. Crew Membership

Crew Membership (or General Membership) is required if you wish to regularly sail at NCYC. That is, if you wish to sail more than three times in a season on the yacht from NCYC in an NCYC event you are required to be a General Member of Crew Member of NCYC.

Crew Members’ obtain all the membership privileges of Social Members however also receive access to NCYC’s secure marina facility, the benefits of affiliation with Yachting NSW and Yachting Australia (see for more details) and the many benefits associated with being able to sail at NCYC.

3. Social Membership

Social Membership is for those people that enjoy using NCYC’s licenced club facilities. You are required to be a Member of the Club if you live within 5km of NCYC and would like to use the club without being in the company of another member of the Club. If you live outside a 5km radius of NCYC you are not required to be a member but we suggest you become a member regardless if you use the Club regularly. Remembering NCYC is here for its members the best way you can support the on-going good management and financial health of the Club is to become a member and support the Club through attendance as often or as little as suits you.

In addition to access rights, Social Members receive a discount on cold drinks purchased over the bar, communications regarding events that are occurring at the Club and access to NCYC’s Journal.

Other Benefits of all Membership Categories of NCYC

All financial Full, Crew and Social Members receive the following benefits as a result of membership of the Club:

  • Entitlement to win NCYC’s Thursday evening members’ draw (conditions apply);
  • Discounts at the Bar;
  • Entitlement to NCYC’s quarterly journal;
  • Entitlement to attend NCYC members’ activities (e.g, NCYC Up the Creek BBQ and Christmas Party);
  • A range of commercial benefits published from time to time by the Club; and
  • The kudos of being a member of Newcastle’s only yacht club and private marina facility.

Do I need to be a member to come into NCYC?

No, you don’t. If you live outside the 5km radius you can ‘sign in’ as a visitor when entering NCYC.  If you live within the 5km radius, you must either be a member of NCYC or be ‘signed in’ by another member as their guest.  In saying this, we recommended you become a member to enjoy NCYC’s member benefits.

What is the 5km radius?

NCYC is a Registered Club, and as such operates under the Registered Clubs Act.  A requirement of this legislation requires all patrons who reside within a designated 5km radius of NCYC to become members if they wish to use club facilities or be signed in as a guest of a member.

How do I know if I’m inside the 5km radius?

Have a look on the map at the entrances to NCYC.

I live inside the 5 km area, do I need to become a member?

In short, yes you will need to become a member unless you are signed in as a guest of a current member of NCYC.  1. You are a full member of another club that is registered under the Registered Clubs Act.  A additional exception applies if you are attending a function in NCYC’s Marquee and do not intend to use other club facilities.