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Mixed Results for NCYC Sailors – August 6, 2010

A number of NCYC members  competed in the 25th Annual Audi Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race run by the CYCA.  The Archambault 31 ‘Aroona’ owned by Harvey Milne, was crewed by locals :  Anthony Patterson (skipper); G Van Dijk , W Howard , R Howard , A Paterson , B Filby , T Poulsen , S Moran.  ‘Aroona’  was placed 7th overall and 1st in Division 4. 

Anthony Williams crewed on Exile (shogun) (CYCSA) – 4th  in IRC Division 2 .  Sibylla MacFadyen crewed on LMR Solar (Frantic) (LMYC) – 10th in IRC Division 2.

NCYC yacht ‘Mister Christian’ a Swanson 36 owned by Mike Almond by Tony Purkiss for the race, was last across the line, but the write-ups showed admiration for the attitude and efforts of the crew: T Purkiss (Skipper) M McDonald , T Butler , S French , J Lattimore , G Picasso.

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