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NCYC’s Club Marine Newcastle to Sail Port Stephens Race – March 29, 2010

During NCYC’s Kloster BMW Race Week, there will be a fabulous week of sailing and  festivities at Port Stephens from 12th to 18th April, and NCYC has joined in the fun.  A number of our yachts will be competing. 

Two lead in races have been established for yachts going North to compete in Sail Port Stephens.

 Saturday 10th April – RPAYC is running a Pittwater to Newcastle Race on – first of the two feeder races for Sail Port Stephens.  Yachts will stay at NCYC Marina overnight.

Sunday 11th April – NCYC will run the Club Marine Newcastle to Sail Port Stephens Race.

Click HERE for NOR, SI and race entry for all associated races for Sail Port Stephens