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Buying a Laser


Buying a Laser (New & Second Hand)

In terms of sourcing a Laser (new or second hand), below are a list of links and sites to look at if you are considering buying a boat:

Performance Sail Craft Australia –
Sydney Metro Sailing –
NB Sailsports –
The Trading Post –
Ebay –

NSW & ACT Laser Association

The NSW & ACT Laser Association is a great source of information regarding Laser sailing and up coming Laser regattas and events.


Types of Lasers

As a one-design class of sailboat, all Lasers are built to the same specifications. The hull is 4.23 metres long, with a waterline length of 3.81 metres. The hull weight is 56.7 kg, which makes the boat light enough to lift onto a car-top rack or onto a trailer. With all Laser hulls and foils being identical and over 200,000 hulls having been produced worldwide the Laser is by far the largest dinghy class in the world.

Laser Standard/Full Rig

The Laser Standard sail has sail area of 7.06 m² and, especially in higher winds (15+ knots), is most competitive when sailed by a very fit, agile and muscular person weighing no less than 80 kg. The Laser Standard rig is currently the Mens’ single handed Olympic Class and is considered one of the most competitive dinghy sailing classes in the world.

Laser Radial Rig

In Europe the smaller Radial sail has surpassed the original Laser Standard sail in popularity, and replaced the Europe as the Women’s Singlehanded Dinghy for the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. The Laser Radial uses the same hull and fittings as the Laser Standard, but has a smaller sail (5.7 metre), shorter lower mast section and has a different cut of sail to that of the Standard or 4.7 rigs. Optimal weight for the Radial Rig is 55kg to 76 kg. Laser Radial Rigs are sailed by both men and women and is currently the ISAF Youth Worlds single handed dinghy for both males and females.

Laser 4.7 Rig

A smaller sail plan for the Laser was developed about 20 years ago. The sail area was reduced by 35% from the Standard with a shorter pre-bent bottom mast section, allowing even lighter sailors to sail Lasers. The same formula as the Radial is maintained with the hull being identical to the Standard and Radial Laser Rigs but the sail being smaller. Optimal weight for the Laser 4.7 Rig is 45–60 kg and as such is an ideal boat for young sailors.