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Club Racing

 Spring, Summer & Winter Short Ocean Pointscores

The Spring and Summer Short Ocean Pointscore (SOPs) are conducted on Sunday afternoons. They consist of windward leeward courses, some of which start and finish in the Harbour and some of which start and finish offshore.  Full details regarding start times (which vary with daylight savings).  The courses etc are located in  the NCYC 2016-17 Sailing Handbook which can be downloaded or obtained from the Club or Administration.


Winter Short Ocean Pointscore Berthing
All visiting yachts wishing to participate in the 2016 Winter SOP Series here at NCYC will be entitled to a 50% reduction in marina berthing fees providing they participate in 2/3 of the sailing days held during the series.

This reduction in fees is effective immediately, it will be available for the duration of the Winter Series and will also apply for one week following the final week of the Winter Series (ending 25/6/17)  allowing an extra period of time for participating yachts to make plans to either stay here at NCYC or head home to their respective clubs.

Click HERE to download a Berthing Agreement Form and Click HERE to download the Terms & Conditions

 To register your interest in becoming a crew for either Twilight series or Sunday Racing please click HERE 

Club Marine Twilight Series

NCYC’s Club Marine Twilight Series is run on Wednesday afternoons in Summer. The start times vary dependent on daylight savings and also whether a scratch start or pursuit start is scheduled. Entrants can elect to sail spinnaker or non-spinnaker and are handicapped accordingly.

The Club Marine Twilight Series provides a great opportunity to get people new to sailing out on the water and build their skills, and presents a great social environment in which to enjoy sailing.

Combined Ocean Pointscore – NCYC and LMYC

NCYC in conjunction with LMYC conducts the Combined Ocean Pointscore (COP). 

Information regarding this series is provided below:

Please note, unlike prior years the Combined Ocean Pointscore Sailing Instructions (above) provide all the information for the COP no Additional Sailing Instructions will be issued for individual races.

COP Race Race Description Date
Race 1 Redhead to Port Stephens Saturday  19 November 2016
Race 2 Port Stephens to Newcastle Sunday    20 November 2016
Race 3 Newcastle Friendship Cup Saturday  28 January 2017
Race 4 Newcastle- Bird Islet – Swansea Sunday    29 January 2017
Race 5 Redhead  – Pittwater Saturday  04 March 2017
Race 6 Pittwater – Swansea Sunday     05 March 2017

NCYC Ocean Pointscore

In addition to the COP, NCYC conducts its own Ocean Pointscore (OP) which includes COP races other than the Friendship Cup.

Click HERE to enter the Friendship Cup and the NCYC Ocean Pointscore – select entry to the Ocean Pointscore