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Combined / Ocean Pointscore

NCYC in conjunction with LMYC conducts the Combined Ocean Pointscore (COP).

Information regarding this series is provided below:

Please note, the Combined Ocean Pointscore Sailing Instructions (above) provide all the information for the COP no Additional Sailing Instructions will be issued for individual races.

COP Race Race Description Date
Race 1 Redhead to Port Stephens Saturday  18 November  2017
Race 2 Port Stephens to Newcastle Sunday    19 November  2017
Race 3 Newcastle Friendship Cup Saturday  20   January    2018
Race 4 Newcastle- Bird Islet – Swansea Sunday    21   January    2018

NCYC Ocean Pointscore

In addition to the COP, NCYC conducts its own Ocean Pointscore (OP) which includes COP races other than the Friendship Cup.

*By entering the COP as a boat representing NCYC, you will automatically be entered into the OP.