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Try Sailing

Are you looking for addtional crew?

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club’s (NCYC) Sailing Secretary maintains a list of potential crew with varying degrees of experience for Wednesday afternoon and Sunday sailing. Please contact NCYC’s Sailing Secretary for a list of potential crew.

How do I start sailing?

Whether you are new to sailing or an experienced sailor, NCYC may be able to assist you to find your next crewing opportunity. Please contact NCYC’s Sailing Secretary at to have your name placed on the NCYC crewing register.

Alternatively, often the best way to find a crew position is to turn up on race days (Wednesdays and Sundays) approximately 2 hours before the start and approach skippers in the Club or ask at the bar who has crewing positions open. History suggests that you will generally get a ride!

Crewing in longer offshore races…

For more experienced sailors the opportunity exists to compete in NCYC’s overnight distance races or crew on an NCYC yacht that competes in other longer distance offsore races such as the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Race or Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. The best way to explore these sailing opportunities is to ask around at the Club and talk to skippers that regularly compete in these races about crewing opportunities on their yachts. Obtaining your Sea Safety Survival Course (SSSC), Senior First Aid Course and/or Radio Operators Course may assist you in getting a crewing spot in these longer races.