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NCYC Fuel Tank Replacement Project Update #2 – October 16, 2013

Dear Members

If you have been down at NCYC in the last week you will have observed that progress continues in relation to the Club’s Fuel Tank Replacement Project (FTRP).

Following excavation and removal of the old tank, the contractors decided that shoring was the most appropriate method of soil retention while excavating deeper in preparation for a new tank to be installed. The shoring and additional excavation is now almost complete and over the next couple of days the hole will be prepared for delivery and installation of a new double-bunded fibreglass reinforced tank which will be anchored into the ground to prevent it floating with changes in the water table level. Thereafter the remaining void will be in-filled and a new concrete car park deck will be constructed on top of the tank.

As part of the development consent granted by NCC for the FTRP, NCYC was required to carry out environmental testing of the soil surrounding the old tank. Analysis of the soil indicated no acid and minimal contaminants in the soil, which is a pleasing result. The soil that has been removed from the hole has been classified as ‘clean fill’ and has been taken from the site for use elsewhere. When installed, the new tank will be housed in a gravel and sand tomb so you can expect to see a few deliveries of these types of materials to the  site over the next couple of days.

Below are a couple of photos of the project which may be of interest to you:


At present the car park near the tank site is fully obstructed as a result of civil works that are underway however, NCYC’s contractor has indicated that, assuming the final stages of preparation of the hole and installation of the tank proceed as planned, the car park should have one way access by COB on Friday 18 October 2013. The area directly above the tank will remain fenced for some time yet while  new concrete decking is prepared.

NCYC apologises for any inconvenience caused to Members as a result of the project, however upon completion the project will once again be able to provide high quality diesel and premium unleaded petrol to NCYC members and the broader boating community, in full compliance with best practice environmental controls in place.

Kind regards

NCYC Management