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Sailing is a fantastic sport and one which Newcastle is growing more accustomed to.  It provides a great opportunity for people of all ages to get out and enjoy the water in a safe and competitive environment or more socially.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club (NCYC) is the only yacht club on the Hunter River.  Albeit only a new club, NCYC is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s premier yacht clubs with brand new world-class facilities, a great licenced club and a growing fleet of yachts and dinghies.

NCYC is aiming to be a yacht club capable of organising and conducting prestigious regattas, staged on the harbour or ocean just beyond the Hunter River.  The staging of such events requires a large investment in race equipment, boats, training and management.  Accordingly, NCYC annually canvasses the corporate community to partner with NCYC by offering a variety of series/race sponsorship packages which will increase the business’ exposure to NCYC’s members and guests and the Newcastle public while also assisting NCYC to become one of the best yacht clubs in Australia.

NCYC conducts a number of Series throughout the year beginning with the Spring Short Ocean Series, followed by the Summer Short Ocean Series and thereafter the NCYC Winter Series.  The Club also conducts an overnight offshore series consisting of two races of approximately 100 nautical miles each called the Lion, Bird & Cabbage Series.  The Club also runs the Sydney to Port Stephens Race in April each year as a feeder offshore race for the Sail Port Stephens Regatta.  This race generally attracts 25-30 entrants from NCYC and a variety of Lake Macquarie and Sydney yacht clubs.  During 2012, the Newcastle to Port Stephens race obtained significant media interest with a full page spread on page 4 of the Newcastle Herald and numerous articles on various sailing websites and forums.

In addition to permanent recognition in the Club via a number of sponsorship boards, Series Sponsor Logos are permanently located on the bottom of NCYC’s home page and Race Week Sponsors appear on NCYC’s home page during their relevant sponsorship week.

NCYC encourages its members to support its sponsors via weekly mention in the Club at post sailing events as well via the use of various media outlets.

If you or your business is interested in partnering with NCYC, please contact the yacht club for information regarding the sponsorship opportunities that are available and how they may be tailored to meet the needs and objectives of your business.