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Newcastle Harbour

Port Hunter itself demonstrates an amazingly harmonious amalgamation of industrial, commercial and recreational facets. This Port is one of Australia’s largest and most active Ports. Not only are there huge carrier ships moving about 100 million tonnes of cargo per annum, but there is a large commercial fishing fleet that operates out of the harbour, as well as a large number of pleasure vessels ranging from jet skis to multi-million dollar ocean cruisers. All of these craft movements are under the direction and control of the NSW Maritime and Newcastle Port Corporation.

We have the world’s largest and most modern coal loading facility that will soon be expanding further to handle more then the 3000 ships that choose to load here in Newcastle each year.  Over 90% of these ships transport coal. The harbour also houses a large floating dock where ships can be repaired. There are many other commercial businesses that operate out of the harbour. This includes Australian Defence Industries and a large fisherman’s Co-operative which can handle almost all of the fish supplies for the hunter and surrounding area.


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